My Son Went Back to College - Long Thanksgiving Break

9:27 PM Posted by Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom

It was really nice to see my son over the Thanksgiving break...five days was nice. I was sad to see him go.
I love my child, I really do, but it's amazing how fast you can get used to the quiet in the house with only one child here. He's home again for Christmas break, and it has taken some getting used to. I had forgotten how messy he is (bless his heart). I find wet towels all over the bathroom floor, little hairs from shaving coat the bathroom sink and countertop. Yesterday I walked through the kitchen and my feet stuck to the floor! Hmmmm, looked like dried orange juice. I've been wiping it ever since.
Can I talk about the energy he uses? Our gas/electric bills were so high when he lived at home....the 2nd bill we got after he left was $200 less!!! Unbelievable. I knew it might be a little cheaper, but that was a huge amount. Now I realize why it used to be so high. I'm reminded daily as I'm doing load after load of laundry. He's also got a computer running most of the day, takes really long hot showers (sometimes 2 a day if he goes to the gym). Wow. I'm assuming our bills will go down again sometime in February. I love my boy, I love my boy. I thought he might be a little tidier since he's got his own dorm, but no such luck. He's here for about 2 more weeks and I'm not sure how I'll feel when he leaves.
My daughter is also home for winter break. My husband is on vacation from work. I've got a full house. Is anyone else going through this too? It's really wonderful (for about 4 days), then I'm ready to kick everyone out. I'm used to doing my thing in my quiet house.
I love my family, really I do...anybody else care to fess up?
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