7:57 PM Posted by Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom

Well, the big day we've been waiting for is finally here. There is excitement in the house and just that general warm-all-over feeling that comes along with Christmas in our household. Everywhere you look, there is color and smiling faces. I smile because Christmas brings back so many happy childhood memories. I hope my children will have good holiday memories as well. My children are getting older and that makes me sad in a way. They love this time of year, but there isn't quite the anticipation that there once was.

Am I the only mom who is up before everyone else Christmas morning? I wait and wait for everyone to rise, and I get excited when I think I hear stirring upstairs...nope, it was just the cats chasing each other. I have another cup of coffee, and arrange the presents again. I want everything to look magical as they stroll down the stairs as they rub their eyes. Last year I even heard "Mom, can't we sleep just a little bit longer?". I never thought I would hear that.

As the kids are looking through their stockings (which, I believe, is their favorite part of the whole day!), I start cooking a special Christmas breakfast. Now THAT is when I really get that warm, fuzzy feeling - the family gathered, the smell of bacon and coffee wafting through the air and just sheer happiness.

Maybe if I go to sleep early, tomorrow will come quicker.

Good night my friends, sleep well and have a wonderful tomorrow!
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