My dear old kitty goes to the vet tomorrow

5:37 PM Posted by Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom

My 14 year old cat, Sylvester, hasn't been doing too well lately. He has gotten so skinny, yet he wants to eat all of the time, and is constantly under foot. He also seems to have a hard time getting up from a sitting/laying position. He doesn't seem to be agile anymore, and often yowls for no apparent reason.

I think they might want to put him to sleep tomorrow. This is going to be tremendously hard. He's been a part of our lives for so long (even longer than we've been married). Sylvester was only 6 weeks old when I got him. I remember it was he and his brother in the cage at the shelter, and he was sitting in his chow bowl, right behind the sign with his info. I barely saw him! His brother was all black, but Sylvester was black with a white chin, white feet and white whiskers. He was such a cute little thing.

He kind of has an attitude problem, but he has a really sweet side too. Out of our four cats, he is the only one that is a lap cat. He purrs continuously when he sits on my lap.

I will miss him, and I'm dreading this appointment tomorrow. I do love my Vester.
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  1. Tina said...

    I hope sylvester is okay thanks for all your help your a good friend tina

  2. Tina said...

    I hope sylvester is okay thanks for all your help your a wonderful friend tina

  3. Anonymous said...

    Good luck tomorrow with Vester. I'm hoping all will be okay but he did look a little thin last time I saw him. I will say a prayer in hopes that it is not his time to go.Will you please tell my boyfriend I love him and I look forward to feeding him whipped cream soon!

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